Month: March 2011

The loops of eternity vs The loops of never coming back

All thoughts now are with the people of Japan as they bow to the terrifying might of mother nature and the folly of man; and to the people of the Middle East as they face down brutal oppression.

But I promised I’d come back with tales of vivid things and at such times as these of fear and change perhaps vivid things are needed most of all.

It didn’t actually take me nine months to find those things; the delay has been due to other commitments and a winter go-slow. Thank you for coming back. (more…)

Oops, I accidentally wrote my first poem

There I was, putting the finishing touches to a long-overdue post … when suddenly a poem came to mind.

It’s pretty cheesy since I bashed it out in an hour and I haven’t written poetry before. Well, not since I was about 12.

But what the hell: the worst that can happen is that everyone thinks one of my sons has hijacked my WordPress account. I’ll stick it here — if only to broadcast the message that Vivid is alive! The ‘proper’ post will follow this short intermission … (more…)