Month: February 2019

Millionaire claims capitalism is abstract, not linked with capital

This is satire. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is a purely coincidental result of amalgamating some hazy memories and having a laugh with them.


A lively online exchange about economic systems came to an abrupt end when one of its participants, millionaire Mike Sutton of Maidenhead, asserted that “capitalism is more about ideas than resources” — at which point the others lost the will to live.


Small, vivid update

Hello long-lost readers, if any are still out there.

Vivid has been dormant for a while, but like the vaquita in the image, it is not extinct just yet, and neither am I.

Most of my writing endeavours of late have been directed into the beginnings of a draft of a non-fiction book. Assuming it gets written, but not otherwise published, this is where it will be serialised.

In the meantime I have an idea or two brewing for a new essay here, and ahead of that a couple of short, unrelated posts ready to publish right now, landing shortly.

One of these is itself a book review — the first and possibly the last on this blog (count it as a testament to the book in question that I felt inclined to break with tradition). Please do have a look, spread the word, perhaps even buy the book. It’s an eye-opener.

The other post is a bit of satirical fun, inspired by some shenanigans on social media that I witnessed over the last year or two, but itself entirely fictional: all resemblances coincidental, etc., etc.

Before uploading those I wanted to say something about privacy and data protection, given the GDPR legislation that came into force since I last posted here.

Luckily this will be short and sweet: I don’t keep, store, access or possess in any way anyone’s personal information.

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