I started writing VIVID with the aim of providing a new  perspective on our modern, Western culture and inspiring a shift away from destructive practices and towards a living future.

However, those grandiose objectives have since given way to the realisation that it is in fact just a way of educating myself (and getting things off my chest).

In its fully-fledged form I would like VIVID to provide a platform for voices of sanity that otherwise remain unheard.

I would like it to present and discuss world news within a wider context, to encourage others to spot and question the hidden assumptions in corporate media reporting, in the political charades of the power elite, and in our growth- and violence-addicted society. I would like (and sometimes manage) to flag up selected news and perspectives from other cultures that are normally sidestepped, which can show other ways of thinking and living.

By these means, VIVID, on a good day, might go some way towards revealing some of the false assumptions and hidden injustices perpetrated by the modern, industrial growth society. It might occasionally give insights into why our society strips our lives of meaning, passion and colour. It might also encourage different ways of perceiving, thinking and living with the aim of bringing these things back into our lives.

The dream held by VIVID’s author is of a society in which many of the incentives, values, structures and social norms that drive our investments – including of energy, money, time and passion – have been inverted so that we automatically invest in a living, fair, beautiful, loving future.

The premises on which these thoughts are based are presented as causes for concern and reasons for resolve (see the menu).

VIVID is open to suggestions from people who think they may be able to contribute in any way.

These words, wordled, thanks to wordle.net

These words, wordled, thanks to wordle.net