Update: new blog showing my nerdy side

This is a short note to anyone interested in permaculture or sustainable food production (I know there’s at least one out there!) to flag up another blog I’ve started, documenting my permaculture journey. It won’t be of interest to everyone but if you like pretty pictures of lettuces and straw bale buildings it might be for you!

Find it at Slow Worm.

Meanderings on belonging will be the subject of my next Vivid article, in the pipeline now.


  1. Hey … after all those conversations about worm farming, and possible magazine titles (What worm?, Worm world, Practical wormer…) you didn’t tell me you were starting a blog called Slowworm????



  2. Well remembered Felix!! And good point – you really should have been the first to know!

    Seems I couldn’t quite throw off my thing about worms 😉

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